Why Buy Locally Made Pet Food?


Whether you're looking into different foods for a new pet or you're wanting to switch it up, there's a lot of reasons why buying a local pet food is a smart choice.


Just like any privately owned clothing store or Mom n' Pop diner, buying local pet foods comes with a lot of benefits. Not only for your local community, city, and province, but also for you and your pets!


Environmentally Friendly

Local pet foods are FAR better for the environment than those that need to be air or ground shipped. Local deliveries have a significantly lower strain on our ecosystem meaning that you can rest easy knowing that your carbon footprint, as well as ours, is lower than it could be. Keep biking to work, though!


Support for the Canadian Economy

This one should go without saying. When you buy locally made products, your money stays in Canada! Keeping our money in the Canadian market helps to promote a stronger economy and, in turn, a stronger Canadian dollar.


Local Ingredients

A majority of local dog food manufacturers do their best to use as many local ingredients as possible. Similar to a 100-mile diet, they try and source ingredients from our Home and Native Land, specifically British Columbia. Now there's something to be patriotic about!


Job Creation

When the manufacturing facility is local, the employees have to be local too! This helps ensure that the people of our communities have job opportunities. Not only in the manufacturing process, but sales representatives and delivery drivers too!


Consistent Pricing

There's a lot of factors that dictate the prices on our shelves. From products that cross border lines, that includes import duties and tariffs as well as Canada dollar fluctuations. The dollar fluctuations are a reality that we all have to deal with. Retail prices may get raised as the dollar goes down in value. With less of these annoying add-ons to worry about, you can be sure that what your paying for is the food inside the bag and not all the shipping labels that were on the box it came in. 


Small Batches

Many big box pet food manufacturers make and package their foods in large plants alongside other brands' products. This is called co-packing and it somewhat ties into the environmental heading. Local manufacturers don't do this. They stick to small batches and carry more in-house brands.


Frequent-Buyer Programs

Because smaller, local manufacturers have less market-share than the big box manufacturers, they often have a greater connection and care to your support in their company! This means they are far more likely to offer purchase incentives like sale prices and, specifically, frequent-buyer programs. All of our local manufacturers currently offer a Buy 10 Get 1 Free or Buy 12 Get 1 Free program! To learn more about thism inquire with us in-store!


"Cut Out the Middleman"

Disintermediation. Whoa now, who let us use a $4.00 word like that? Basically, this means we can speak more directly to a manufacturer and there are less steps in the way. Got a problem with a food? Your pet not reacting well to it? Got questions? Having easy contact with the company itself makes this all a lot easier.


So What Brands Are Local?

We are proud to carry products from three amazing local manufacturers.






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