Are Your Shavings Green?

June 12, 2016


In late 2010 GreenScene Agritek (GSA) set out in search of a more sustainable dependable supply of wood fibre for horse bedding that would have a healthier impact on our land, offering horse owners a better product through a better eco-friendlier process at a competitive price. It turned out to be so much more….

They discovered their mission. To challenge the agricultural community and lobbyist, to know the facts that all “manures are not created equal.” That there is a global crisis ahead of us from the sheer volumes of used bedding piling up around us, and its containments that are entering our land, air and water, causing numerous health concerns for our children and the next generation, if not resolved.


Millions of tons of waste wood fibre bedding are being inadequately disposed of which has led to phosphorus leaching, odour and methane off-gassing contaminating every region around the world that has a high populous of horses and humans, and it is not being addressed adequately by the EPA environmental agencies or horse owners.


Just because we can use inadequate disposal methods, does not mean we should. We must challenge this status quo, by creating sustainable solutions to the problem. We saw it in the great manure crisis of 1894 and we are seeing it again today!


Through years of research and commercial testing; GreenScene Agritek has resolved the problem in Vancouver, Canada by commercially recycling and reusing the same used wood fibre bedding in multiple cycles, profitably, producing a premium quality, safer horse bedding than the original, through a better process, at a competitive price.


GSA has fulfilled the goal, but not their mission!

By building carbon neutral GSA eco-Plants, powered by their own waste stream within the centre of horse centric regions, GSA can also successfully reduce hauling and transportation costs; a win-win-win for the equine industry, the environment, and co-owners of GSA-Series plants. Thus creating a social sustainable, profitable, business model for the worldwide agricultural equine industry.

The GSA Story focuses on “Why?” Why we do what we do. And the Passion that drove GSA to create a Revolution in the equine industry.


GSA premium, local region specific, product – refined “golden” bedding, is a direct response to solving the waste management crisis.


“We are building a company based on Excellence, Innovation and Stewardship. We are all members of a local neighbourhood supporting each other to create a more sustainable future for our families and the environment” quotes Cross Therefore. GreenScene Agritek staff, and investors, take responsibility for this slice of the environment and they will not waste what they have been given!


Join GSA in their mission, because you can, to use a better bedding in a cleaner world.


Have a look at the GSA Promo video below!




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