Seasonal Products

Spring Has Sprung – Time to Get outdoors

Milner Feeds is always bringing in new and unique seasonal items.

Spring time is here, time to get the garden ready. Drop by the store to see all the products we carry on a seasonal basis. We’ve got half barrels and galvanized tubs which look great as planters, wheelbarrows and rakes! Professional grade watering hoses and nozzles.

We also carry seeds to get your vegetable garden started. 

We also have:

  • Barrels
  • Seeds
  • Hoses
  • Equine grooming/fly sprays
  • Dog Lifejackets
  • Chick starter feed and Poultry starter kits & incubators.

Spring Has SPrung

Beginner Poultry Kit

Seasonal Products

Get ready for the nice weather! We have wheelbarrows, rakes, gardening supplies, hoses, nozzles and wonderful half barrels and galvanized tubs which look great as planters.

We also have Beginner Poultry Kits to get your chicks started right! Chick Starter Feed and incubators are also here. We carry Natural Harvest Step 1 Pre Starter Feed.

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