Our Barn, Our Heritage.


The Milner Feed & Pet Supply barn, as we know it today, hasn't changed much in its years. The barn is a large, heavy timber-framed structure. It stands on the original Hudson Bay Company farmland, which serviced all of Milner for many years. The barn was constructed circa 1906 for Charles Mufford by Alec Tarves. The property was sold in 1920 to Magnus Smith, and around 1930 a concrete foundation replaced the original cedar blocks. In 1933, the land was purchased by Herb Mufford.

Milner Church and Milner Barn - Looking Soutbound on Glover Road (Hwy 10)

Taken 1907 (Courtesy Langley Centennial Museum & Archives)

Since its construction, the barn has mostly been used as a farm with a section for retail goods. The animals, however, have come and gone numerous times. The barn has been used as a Livery Stable and Dairy Farm. It has housed chickens and supplied potatoes, hay and grain products.

The structure itself has undergone two major renovations: the first in 1986, and the second in 1998. In 2013, two more structures were constructed behind the original barn. These barns are used for storing various types of local hay, and to better service customers with large vehicles. The three total buildings now bring the property to its current glory.

Next to the barn there is a small shed that has an interesting past. What is now used as a restroom was once a Milk House used by local farmers. They would drop off their milk at the Milk House and the Inter-urban Rail Line would come, loaded with ice, to pick up the milk. The milk would then be taken out to New Westminster for processing. The Inter-urban Rail Line also stopped at the barn to deliver supplies to the farmers of the area.

Milner Barn

Taken 2013 - (Courtesy Panorama Media Group LTD.)

The barn has been a defining piece of the Milner skyline for over a century, and it remains in this position today. Now, it services customers on a daily basis with high quality hay & feed products, as well as tack, supplements and assorted general pet foods and supplies. As it has in the past, the barn will remain standing as part of Langley's Heritage for many years to come.

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